LETTER: Newcomers offended by statue should move

I have been following the comments in the local newspaper regarding the controversy over the statue of Sir John A. Macdonald in front of the Picton library.

In my opinion, Sir John A. has been a part of our Canadian history from Day One. Love him or hate him, he will always be a part of our history. Removing or destroying a monument will not change his place in our history nor will changing the names of schools or buildings have any effect on our past history.

I know he and his peers created a great deal of hardship for indigenous people which I do not condone, but he also shared in the development of Canada so he surely did some good.

Having a professor from Manitoba and some agitators trying to dictate to people from Prince Edward County is not acceptable.

My advice to visitors to the County who are offended or disappointed by the statue is to cross the street and not look at it.

If you have moved the County and are offended or upset by the statue, pack your bags and leave the County.

As far as the statue of Sir John A. is concerned, pack him up, ship him over the hill and place him in front of the Court House where he should have been installed originally.

Keith E. Shannon

Prince Edward County