Holding Court is not a ‘locals vs newcomers’ issue

Regarding ‘Newcomers offended by statue should move, The Picton Gazette Nov. 12, 2020’ This is flat out ignorance.

Saying “If you have moved to the County and are offended or upset by the statue, pack your bags and leave the County” is beyond unreasonable. I don’t care which side of the debate you’re on, that crosses the line. This is an issue of national importance.

This opinion flat out dictates that the “right” answer has already been established and anybody who disagrees doesn’t belong here. Similarly it insinuates that all County locals feel the same way. This is just not true. Localizing this issue is flat out counterproductive. There is room for discussion and it should continue. Bottom line is that some will be disappointed with the outcome and some will not.

This is not a “locals vs newcomers” issue. Stop turning it into one.

Greg Hinde

Prince Edward County