Prince Edward County Studio Tour Pre-Holiday Show & Sale this weekend

(Jason Parks/Gazette File Photo)




With the unfortunate postponing of the Prince Edward County (PEC) Studio Tour for 2020, the fine art of selected artist members of the PEC Studio Tour will be safely on display and available for purchase at the Prince Edward County Studio Tour Pre-Holiday Show & Sale.

The event will take place at The Waring House on Nov. 28 & 29 from 12-5 p.m. where artists will be socially distanced in their own designed areas for the public to come and enjoy their art or purchase if they want.

“We still have our artists who want to show their work and are wanting to connect live,” expressed Heather Kerr, Co-Chair of the PEC Studio Tour. “We were really super grateful because the Waring House, who is one of the big sponsors for the studio tour every year, contacted us and offered up a very large room and said ‘hey why don’t you guys do a socially distanced and respecting all safety protocols show where we can allow people to have this experience of seeing live art’ and its a great time because people are looking for Christmas gifts and so they offered us a venue in the shoulder season in a safe environment for artists to show and sell their work and for people to come enjoy live art.”

An array of art can be seen at this event including paintings, sculpture, jewellery, glass and fibre art. Participating artists include Elaine Kent, Tom Ashbourne, Barbara Högenauer, Terry Culbert, Kirei Samuel, Laurie McRae, Gwen Roberts, Paul Verrall, Candice Woodard, Tina Osborne, Florence Chik Lau, Heather Kerr, Colleen Manestar, Renee Hiltz, Dianne Kehoe and John Shea.

“We’re all craving that live art experience,” Kerr said. “It’s a completely different thing to flip on your phone and look at pretty pictures, it’s a totally different experience when you get to see the live art in person. So the Waring house made the space available for this pre-christmas show. There will be 16 artists participating, 10 artists participating each day so five of the artists are showing both days and five artists are showing on just Sat. or just Sun. and the numbers add up to 16.” 

For the safety of the artists and visitors alike, the number of persons permitted inside Waring Hall at one time will be limited and strict safety precautions will be in effect. 

“It will be very socially distanced,” stated Kerr. “We’ll have a greeter at the door who will monitor how many people in the room, we will offer hand sanitizer and be making sure people wear their masks in the room. So all the safety protocols to make the public and the artists feel really comfortable with participating in the event in a very safe but hopefully also celebratory way with just getting to show our work to the public.”

If a line ends up forming to enter the event the Waring House bar will be open for snacks and drinks, people are also encouraged to just come enjoy the art displays.

“If there ends up being a line they have a fantastic bar at the Waring House,” Kerr said. “They don’t need to cool their heels outside they can go inside the Waring House to grab a snack or drink, its a very nice venue. I also want to let people it’s a fun time to come experience live art and maybe poke around at a time when it’s harder to go and shop for Christmas gifts. It might be nice to get something cherished for somebody special. And it’s not just a buying thing it can just be an experience to go enjoy live art at the Waring House, it’s a really beautiful facility.”

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