LETTER: Council did well to stay the course with Holding Court

Council did not follow the sheep in other parts of  Canada and made the right decision to keep the statue of our first prime minister.
This is where he got his start and what better place for him to stand is in front of our library.  The  library is a place of learning and it would be a good place for the working group and demonstrators to enter and learn Canadian history.
The effort to denote Macdonald from the ten dollar bill and remove his name from schools, highways and buildings was an initial effort taken up by underworked teachers unions who bare the responsibility of reducing the total  IQ of this country over the last 40 years.
Not sure how the group All Welcome Here got on the working group but it was upset five years ago when they saw 5,000 people without reservation happy to see a Picton resident who went on to become one of the greatest Canadians and our first prime minister. They were not willing to excuse anything just proud and happy that a Picton boy had accomplished so much.  Read your history . It is obvious the All Welcome group have been to a library because they got their name from James Preller’s  book.
The people of Prince Edward want the statue to remain and if it offends some maybe we will have  dialogue about Macdonald and Canadian history.
We welcome all to the county and have since 1778  and we did not group them by colour and each is entitled to their opinion.
Removing statues will not change the past but it will make for a poorer, less enlightened future.
In case no one noticed the Macdonald group nor the artist put Sir John on a pedestal. Thank you council for having the ability to see through all the lies and distorted facts to make a wonderful decision.
Paul Boyd