LETTER: Letter a grim reminder of local denial

The previous letter by Mr. Shannon (Newcomers offended by statue should leave, The Picton Gazette Letters to the Editor Nov. 12) was a grim reminder of how denial is still going strong here and there.
“but he also shared in the development of Canada so he surely did some good.”
Some of the “good”
– Sir John & 150 of his MP’s accepted bribes from the contractor who was bidding on the rail project, that fiasco was called The Pacific Scandal
– He had Louis Riel executed for the crime of fighting for his people,
– He allowed his Indian agents to starve & execute members of the Cree nation
– He didn’t hide his repulsive opinions of aboriginal people.
– And established the Chinese Head Tax.
I am guessing the residents of the Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory who were here long before Mr. Shannon might suggest he pack his bags, leave and take that statue with him.
Carl Canmore