LETTER: Macintosh serves as inspiration to fellow volunteers

Thank you to the Gazette and editor Jason Parks for his inspiring “feel good” story about Hospice Prince Edward volunteer Carol McIntosh being chosen as the ¬†2020 recipient of the June Callwood Award (McIntosh wins Callwood Award, The Picton Gazette Nov. 19, 2020)
The article states that the criteria for this prestigious award includes selfless service, generosity of spirit, compassion and a commitment to excellence as a volunteer.
Carol absolutely fits this criteria.
Hospice Community Development Director Melanie Dailey states that “the world would be such a better place if we were a fraction as selfless as she is. All of us at Hospice feel incredibly blessed to have her support.”
In that same vein there are many of us in the community who have known Carol for many years who also feel blessed to have her as a friend and fellow volunteer for many organizations.
Thank you Carol for all that you do and have done for others in our community.
You are an inspiration to many.
Fran Renoy