LETTER: COVID could be tamed with 75 per cent vaccination rate

Dear Editor

When I see a letter such as the one you received from Karen Selick (Reader appalled by factual ignorance, The Picton Gazette, Dec. 17, 2020), it causes me to feel reassured that we live in a democratic country where opposing views such as hers can be shared.

The problem in this case however, is that her very negative views concerning the vaccine could have a harmful effect on those who are uncertain about the vaccine causing them to hesitate or refuse to get the jab that could potentially save them from infection, long term illness or even death and also significantly adversely affect the rest of us.

Anthony Fauci, the US expert on infectious diseases, stated that “If 75 per cent of the population were to be vaccinated then the pandemic could be tamed fairly quickly”.  It follows then if fewer people are vaccinated, it will take much longer to get back to any kind of normality and we could have many more thousands added to the pandemic’s death tally because of such a delay.

The concerns expressed around the speedy development of the vaccine can be laid to rest since RNA development has taken place over several years of cancer research.  Thus, with financial support and the concerted and combined efforts of scientists around the world, the development of both Pfizer’s and Moderna ’s new mRNA vaccines for Covid was achieved quickly.  The independent approval process of new drugs by Health Canada and similar bodies in other countries, further ensures the safety and efficacy of these new compounds. That is not to say that these vaccines, just like every other medicinal compound, do not have side effects.  These have been outlined by our health authorities and the public is aware of them.

It is important to remember too that vaccination successfully eradicated diseases such as smallpox, polio, and diphtheria saving millions upon millions of lives over many decades.

This is the other side of the story.

Gail Huxley