LETTER: Willingness to be vaccinated increasing locally

On Nov 22, I polled the members of the Facebook group Prince Edward County Unmanageables regarding their interest in getting vaccinated for Covid-19.

I repeated the poll on Dec 21 to see how attitudes have changed. There were 163 responses to the Nov 22 poll, a 10 per cent response rate from the group’s 1.6K members.

I tabulated the results to the Dec 21 poll after two days and 164 responses. Here’s the question I asked and the percentage responses each time:

“Here’s a poll about the forthcoming Covid-19 vaccine. Please click on one of the choices to be included in the tally, and add a comment if you wish. Question: When the Covid-19 vaccine becomes available, how will you respond?”

Nov 22     Dec 21

• First in line   47%        61%

•Wait and see  34%         29%

•Not for me     19%        10%

The results are encouraging. With time to get used to the idea, and more information about its safety and efficacy, it’s not surprising that more people are willing to get vaccinated, and fewer are inclined to decline.

Gary Mooney