Brenda Trip-McQuaid
To my precious B
April 6, 1978 – February 1, 2013
She died. I birthed her.
I held her body and said goodbye,
but it was not goodbye.
It was an end, and a beginning.
I carry her with me still…
It is impossible for me to do otherwise.
This is not a choice.
It simply is.

Love always, Mom
~ ~ ~
Mom….we miss you
Never Forgotten
I think of things you used to say
And all that you would do.
At some point, every single day
My thoughts will turn to you.
To lose you was a bitter wrench
The pain cut to my core,
I cried until my tears ran out
And then I cried some more.
This wouldn’t be your wish for me
That I’d be ever sad,
So I try to remind myself
Of happy times we had.
I know I can’t be with you now
And you can’t be with me,
But safe inside my heart you’ll stay
That’s where you’ll always be.
Love, Addie and Braydon.