LETTER: A tale of two different worlds and outlooks

Clearly Karen Selick (Letter writer willing to debate merits of vaccine, Picton Gazette Jan. 21, 2021) and I live in two different worlds.

In Karen’s world the many deaths attributed to COVID-19 are a scare tactic. In Karen’s world, if you have a bad heart, don’t worry about catching COVID-19.

The virus won’t kill you. It’ll be your bad heart. In Karen’s world, Canadian hospitals must be exaggerating COVID-19 deaths because someone accused American hospitals of doing that.

In Karen’s world, if you die because your lungs have failed after three weeks on a ventilator, the only hint that you had COVID-19 was that positive PCR test on day one.

Meanwhile, Statistics Canada reports: “Excess mortality through the first months of the pandemic, from March to June, aligned closely with the number of deaths caused by COVID-19 over that same period …”. In my world, the death rate from COVID-19is all too real.

In Karen’s world, we should immediately rush to embrace Vitamin D to protect against Covid 19. A little more vitamin D is probably a good idea for many reasons.

But I look forward to her next letter which will tell us how the 40,000 participants fared in the double blind, placebo controlled vitamin D clinical trial. In my world, we have vaccines that are known to be both safe and effective after such trials involving tens of thousands of people.

Karen’s world is a fantasy.

David Sutherland