LETTER: Contrarian nonsense doesn’t deserve a forum

I was dismayed to see anti-vaccine propaganda published in the Gazette.

The letter by Karen Selick (Letter writer willing to debate merits of vaccine, Picton Gazette Jan. 21, 2021) deliberately undermines our public health efforts as we fight this terrible epidemic. It is instructive to visit her website, where she openly supports the privatization of our public healthcare, explaining that she favours “…a health care system in which there is no public component at all, but only the private provision of services”.

She also drops such bombs as “Representative democracy in particular sticks in my craw”.

In her letter, she follows the lead of the right wingers in the US by claiming the death toll is deliberately inflated as a scare tactic, and if people had other illnesses, COVID-19 should not be given as the cause of death. She ignores the point without the COVID-19 infection, the victims still be alive. She ignores the overloaded hospitals and funeral parlours. She ignores Science.

The PCR test, used to determine identity of the disease, yields a false positive result in only a few percent of properly done trials, according to MIT. Selick’s assertion that PCR tests are unreliable is false, and just a usual part of the anti-vaccine narrative. She goes on to claim that vitamin D will be a good treatment for COVID-19. Sure, plenty of stuff shows up when you Google it, but try a real medical site, like the Mayo Clinic…. not so much.

We all need to have the COVID-19 vaccine, for our physical safety, and to rebuild our economy. The dangerous contrarian nonsense spouted by Karen Selick does not deserve a forum.

Michael McMahon

Fenwood Gardens