LETTER: Letter writer shamelessly took quotes out of context

Hi, it’s the Pariah of PEC again. 

In my two previous letters, I stuck to providing  factual information rather than insulting and smearing opponents. Regrettably,  my critics have not extended the same courtesy to me so I’m compelled to  respond to personal attacks. 

Michael McMahon makes me sound like some bonkers  basement blogger. In fact, I’m a retired lawyer with more than 30 years’  experience writing for publication. Every column on my website is a reprint from either  Canadian Lawyer magazine, or from newspapers such as The Globe and Mail, the  National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, etc. 

   I’m proud of every word I’ve ever written  regarding health care privatization. I’m in good company with some of Canada’s top  think-tanks: The Fraser Institute, The Montreal Economic Institute, and the Frontier  Centre for Public Policy (FCPP). All advocate greater health care freedom,  including re-legalizing private primary-care health insurance. The FCPP also advocates implementing private Medical Savings Accounts (MSA’s).    

PEC residents can judge the respectability of the  FCPP by knowing that the Chairman of the Board of Quinte Health Care, David  MacKinnon, is a Senior Fellow there.  (MacKinnon does not share my views on vaccination, however.) 

McMahon shamelessly quoted me out of context by extracting 8 words from  an 853-word article.

The 1993 article from Canadian Lawyer magazine actually  said this:

“…[I treasure] Winston Churchill’s wise-crack that democracy is the worst possible system of government except for all the others.  Representative democracy in particular sticks in my craw. With so many unrelated issues to be represented on, and so many possible positions that can be taken on each issue, chances are slim that voters will find a candidate who accurately represents their views even a modicum of the time…There remains what Lord Acton called ‘the one pervading evil of democracy—the tyranny of the majority.’”

Regarding PCR testing, the World Health Organization finally issued, on January 21, a Notice  recommending that test users actually read the manual provided by test manufacturers. How revolutionary! Users have hitherto applied amplification cycle  thresholds of up to 40, thereby detecting “noise” that they misinterpret as viral DNA. The recommended threshold is 30.

I have reliable references to support every  factual assertion I’ve made. I provided the Gazette with hyperlinks to all my  sources in my last letter, but for unknown reasons, it declined to publish them.

I remain willing to debate any of my critics, in  public, on any of the issues I’ve raised in these pages—including the  over-reporting of COVID deaths and the value of vitamin D, Mr. Sutherland. 

By advocating that I be censored, McMahon is  implicitly insulting everyone else in the community. Only he, apparently, is smart enough to  discern my “propaganda”. News flash, sir: there are many who want to read my information. They contact me privately to avoid public bullying. 

Please reflect on the words of Plato (427-348  BC): “No one is more hated than he who speaks the truth”. George Orwell (1903-1950  AD) likewise said: “The further a society drifts from truth, the more it will hate  those who speak it.”

Yours truly,

Karen Selick