Community Care partners with Moonhorse

Community Care is thrilled to be collaborating with Moonhorse Dance Theatre on four upcoming events for seniors.

Moonhorse was established in 1996 as a home for the dance projects of performer, curator and Artistic Director Claudia Moore. From the company’s inception until 2006, Moore created a unique body of dance theatre, with 1998’s wishes winning the Dora Award for Outstanding New Choreography. ​

Movement with the Trees is an online event for seniors. Senior professional dance instructor, Julia Aplin will start the class on Monday, Feb. 8th at 1 pm on zoom with a 15 minute ‘hello’ to address any questions and then guide participants in a thorough physical warm-up, movement exercises and simple creative tasks that will last 30 minutes. Julia is inspired by the teachings of the trees, the depth of humanity witnessed during isolation and the beauty of our blue planet as it spins on through the vast universe. Julia will lead a creative process that is part choreographed and part improvised– guided frameworks to explore our humanity through movement expression.

West African Harvest Dances is the second in a series of four online events for seniors. Senior professional dance instructor, Lua Shayenne will lead this online class on Monday, Feb. 22nd. Follow Dance artist Lua Shayenne on a journey to Africa through grounded movement inspired by West African dances. Lua’s artistic language draws on the oral tradition of her African ancestry where narrative is a source of wisdom and shapes humanity’s sense of purpose and place. Celebrate abundance, give praise and thanks to Mother Nature for always providing us with sustenance, with movements that are inspired by harvest dances.

Mindful Motion with Carol Anderson is the third offering on Monday, March 8th at 1 pm on zoom. Follow Anderson on gentle, flowing movement patterns that offer benefits similar to those derived from yoga, dance, swimming, and tai chi. Spherical, figure-eight movements integrate breath, motion and awareness. Performed seated, these movement patterns fully articulate the spine, and contribute to supporting the many health benefits of dynamic alignment. This class is designed for older movers, enhancing mobility and the joy of moving with breath, intention and flow. Participants will need a stool, piano bench, or flat-bottomed armless chair for use.

Dance Your Body, Move Your Heart, is the fourth and final in this series of online events for seniors. Moore will guide participants in a thorough physical warm-up, movement exercises and simple creative tasks that will last 30 minutes. Follow her with physical movements based on tai chi, low-impact aerobic exercises using simple stepping patterns and movement phrases incorporating upper body gestures. Danced to a variety of music, the movement phrases become short dances.

To register for any or all of these free events, call 613-476-7493.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes