Flashback February returns with online slate of activities

Flashback February



An ever evolving movement created four years ago to celebrate history and heritage, the process of organizing Flashback February in 2021 isn’t so much a look back as it is a look forward.

Flashback February remains an opportunity to engage with the exciting history and heritage of Prince Edward County through presentations, performances and more but this year, modern technology will play its most prominent role in this annual celebration of yesteryear due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Flashback February 2021 is being called ‘The Living Room Edition’ as the slate of interesting and engaging events commencing next week are available exclusively online. 

“It’s exciting and there’s always a build up of anticipation but this year is certainly different,” County of Prince Edward Museums Assistant Curator and organizer  Jessica Chase said. “We are trying some new things with technology and we are excited to be able to role out these great events.”

With a programme of 14 events, Feb. 15-20 is sure to offer anyone with an interest in history to connect with stories and times of long ago.


“Flashback February had been getting bigger and bigger and expanding each year and at the end of last year’s event, I was imagining what 2021 would have for us,” Chase said. “I wasn’t expecting anything like this but we are happy to be able to continue this tradition.”

The schedule breaks down in Hearth & Home series events free to the public and Signature Events that will require an online ticket to be purchased.

Perhaps the event with the most gravitas to be held next week is the lone Signature Event that will be free to the public. On Tuesday, Feb. 16, Melissa Mikel, Director of Education at the Friends of Simon Wiesenthal Centre for Holocaust Studies in Toronto, will discuss Canadian connections to the Holocaust, including the stories of Holocaust survivors, as well as the disappointing reality that Canada harboured a number of Nazi war criminals post-WWII.

“These stories will help connect a seemingly faraway war to the immediate fabric of our society, and will enable the audience to connect with their own war-time experiences, or better understand the war-time experiences of their families,” Chase added.

On a lighter note, the week kicks off on Family Day with ‘A Timeless Gathering at Macaulay House: An Online Family Day Mystery’

Chase explained a Kingston-based theatre group will feature costumed characters in an online sleuthing  exercise that features puzzles and clues to help solve a mystery with the iconic Macaulay house as the setting.

One event without a particular date or time frame is Escape Camp Picton’s ‘The Arrow’s Secret’, a hand crafted, limited edition play-at-home game.

Other events include a live streamed Graveyard and Gallows tour, a natural heritage presentation with Terry Sprague and a talk with author and Gardner Lorraine Johnson who will discuss how native plants are a tangible link to natural heritage.

For more information, please visit www.visitpec.ca/flashback-february/