LETTER: Update required on COVID-19 vaccine availability

This is in response to the article addressed to the citizens of Prince Edward County, – written by the doctors of Prince Edward County- (Page 7,The Picton Gazette, Feb. 4 2021) urging every adult to get the COVID 19 vaccine.

The head line adds “when available” and that is my point of writing.

When is it available?

We are urgently waiting to be vaccinated rather than waiting to decline the vaccination. Many of us would appreciate a similar article on when vaccinations will take place. The news on vaccine availability is so confusing as to be laughable. Yes, we will have the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, – but maybe not. Yes, we will have the vaccine manufactured in Canada, – but when? Will it be late summer or later in 2021 or will it be some time in 2022? In the meantime, we have barely started to vaccinate people in Canada. Now Canada is investing via the World Health Organization to direct vaccines to poorer countries.

Very laudable, but could we not, simultaneously, urge the WHO to send an adequate amount of vaccines to Canada to protect its citizens? Our governments, both federal and provincial, have not provided the required leadership during the pandemic and have failed in their mandate to protect its citizens.

Ursula Cattelan

Prince Edward County