LETTER: Reader: Trump will go down as a great President

Last month in a County publication,  two writers expressed great pleasure  in the election of Joe Biden. One was “so relieved” that he was overwhelmed with satisfaction.

Another would now be able to stop worrying about friends in the U.S.

As noted in the National Post, Donald Trump will go down in history as a great President. In four years his accomplishment are significant and noteworthy  He immediately recognized China as dangerous, and a violator of  International law and systemic military and domestic thefts and spying. He banned China’s  purchase of hi-tech companies or even equipment.

He placed sanctions on Chinese companies, banning Huawei from setting up a 5G network in the US, and banned aps like tic toc Trumps major accomplishment was economic He slashed taxes, helped step up economic growth, reduced poverty and unemployment to the lowest level for half a century.

He took the economy to new heights and as noted checked Chinese rivals. He also transformed the Republican Party to be more representative  and inclusive; not just a party of the elites, especially welcoming, what Hillary Clinton  called the “deplorables” to be supporters. He introduced a law to provide a “second chance” and parole for people who had been imprisoned for years for minor crimes like possession  of marijuana.

He aggressively supported the faith community, and was endorsed by leading evangelicals, including James Dobson founder of “Focus on the Family” He lobbied on behalf of political prisoners and freed several US citizens from North Korean prisons. Rev. Andrew Brunson was in a Turkish prison for two years, for preaching the gospel in his church and community.  When Turkish President Erdogan was at the U.N. in New York, President Trump invited him to the White House. In that meeting President  Trump requested  that Rev. Brunson be released.

Within twenty-four hours, Andrew and his  wife Norine had been flown back to the United States and were speaking with reporters at a Press conference in the Oval Office at Trump’s invitation. During that meeting at the Whitehouse, Andrew laid his hands on Trump and prayed for him:

“Lord God, I ask that you pour out your spirit on President Trump .Give him supernatural wisdom to accomplish all the plans you have for this country.” Andrew said the experience felt almost unreal. “One day I’m  standing in a court (in Turkey) being convicted as a terrorist.  A day later I’m  standing in the Oval Office.

It’s  just an amazing “Joseph type” thing; from conviction to Whitehouse” To everyone who prayed and interceded for their release, Andrew and Norine extend their thanks and asks  them not to stop praying yet. A decisive battle may have been won in Turkey , but that is not the end of the spiritual war. It continues for Turkey and the region.

“ I rode a wave of prayer out of Turkey but a tsunami of prayer crashed in to Turkey. “We will see the results over the next years.”

The Brunsons  still believe a harvest is coming, and they will be ready when it does.”

Robert C. Wilson