Kevin Dickson
April 1, 1964 – February 27, 2011
It’s been 10 years bro since you passed away
Time heals all pain so they say,
Easier to say, but harder to do,
Cuz I will always be missing you!
So many times I needed to talk things through
The good, bad and days that are blue,
There’s challenges in life I wanted to share,
But I must go on, the weight to bare.
The years fly by and I miss your smile,
Looking at pictures of you for awhile,
So many memories we made together,
Sunshine and the storms we weathered.
Until the day we see each other,
We will always be sister/brother
Never will anyone take your place,
Time and love for you will not erase.

Till we meet again,
Love, Colleen and Owen