Letter: Only religious figure Trump resembles is anti-Christ

In the February 18, 2021 Gazette, Robert C. Wilson wrote to the editor his holy praise for disgraced defeated former president Donald Trump.

Wilson certainly liked Trump’s “so-called” alliances with the religious right.  It’s a sad commentary brainwashed Trump voters think he was ever looking out for their best interests.

As president Donald Trump only looked out for his interests, most of those were racist in nature and the furthest thing away from being Christian.  If by some chance his interests were ever compatible with evangelical interests, that was just a coincidence.   I have misguided evangelical friends in Texas who think Trump is the Second Coming.

Fortunately for the world they did not make up the majority of voters who elected Joe Biden president.

The only religious figure I could ever compare Trump to is that of the anti-Christ.

Rick Nelson