LETTER: Trump will be remembered for endangering democracy

I read Robert C. Wilson’s letter(The Gazette February 17th, 2021, Reader: Trump will go down as a great President) several times to make sure I was not missing something.

To conclude Donald J. Trump will be remembered as a great President is simply astonishing. Trump will be remembered for almost destroying American democracy.

He will be remembered for leaving the Republican Party in shambles.

He will be remembered for building a cult of personality where fealty and worship of the leader was the only requirement.

He will be remembered for inciting a racist mob to insurrection.

He will be remembered for building a racist white supremacist movement called MAGA.

Trump’s statement following the shameful impeachment acquittal contains such an obvious reference to what his intent still is. His recent comment that “(MAGA will) continue our incredible journey together to achieve American greatness for all of our people” contains a white supremacist inference that jumps right off the page! He did not say ‘for all citizens’ or ‘for all Americans’ but carefully said “all of OUR people.”

This is a dangerous period in American history and if the American people don’t get their heads out of the sand real fast, the USA will enter a period of unrest and chaos that will make the Civil War seem like a little scuffle. As much as I would like for Donald Trump to be discussed in the past tense, he is still very much a part of the political landscape.

By the Grace of God, he will one day be remembered for what he was, and it will most certainly not be a great President!

Hilary Arthur Amolins