Local COVID-19  Vaccination update

Hastings Prince Edward Public Health (HPEPH) issues regular updates on their activities.

I’m reprinting the information below because we continue to receive calls at Community Care with questions about the vaccine. HPEPH continues local efforts to implement the provincial Vaccine Roll Out Plan. As part of their efforts to ensure transparent information sharing with all partners and the public, they will be providing a vaccination status update each week at www.hpePublicHealth.ca/covid-19-vaccines .

To receive notification of weekly updates, follow Public Health on social media. Public Health continues to roll out Phase 1 of the HPEPH COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out Plan as vaccines become available. The first COVID-19 vaccine doses have now been provided to all residents in local Long-Term Care Homes (LTCHs) and High-Risk Retirement Homes (HR RHs). These clinics were completed in partnership with local health care providers. First COVID-19 vaccine doses were recently completed at the Tyendinaga Elders Lodge.

A total of 1483 individuals have received a vaccine. Public Health will continue to work with local hospitals, paramedic services and other health care providers on the implementation of Phase 1 and preparation for Phase 2 of the HPEPH COVID-19 Vaccine Roll Out Plan. Phase 1 immunization will be prioritized as follows. Immediate priority for first-dose vaccination: Residents, staff and essential caregivers in long term care homes, high-risk retirement homes and First Nations elder care homes. The Ministry of Health determines which retirement homes are considered high-risk based on specific criteria, such as having a dementia care unit, a co-locate with a Long-Term Care home, or other health-related reasons; Alternative level of care patients in hospitals who have a confirmed admission to a long-term care home, retirement home or other congregate care home for seniors; Highest Priority health care workers, followed by Very High Priority health care workers, in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s guidance on Health Care Worker Prioritization; Indigenous adults in northern remote and higher risk communities (including on-reserve and urban communities).

Next priority for first-dose vaccination: Adults 80 years of age and older; Staff, residents and caregivers in retirement homes and other congregate care settings for seniors (e.g., assisted living); Health care workers in the High Priority level, and in accordance with the Ministry of Health’s guidance on Health Care Worker Prioritization; All Indigenous adults; Adult recipients of chronic home care.

For more info on the activities local vaccination info visit www.hpePublicHealth.ca.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes