Picton resident cracks top 1,000 in Inked Magazine’s cover girl 2021 competition

Picton's Charlene Knight was in the running to be on the cover of Inked Magazine in 2021. SHe hopes to get closer to her goal and the $25,000 top prize in 2022. (Submitted Photo)




Napanee native and current Picton resident Charlene Knight first attempt to be a  Inked Magazine cover girl in has set the stage for her to make a bigger push in 2022.

Knight had been leading her group for quite a period of time but was bumped from the competition at the very last second, finishing second. Still a huge accomplishment, she is putting her best foot forward and is so appreciative for the opportunity.

One of the photos of Picton resident Charlene Knight submitted to Inked Magazine. (Submitted Photo)

“I feel like a winner making it this far,” expressed Knight. “I feel like I’ve shown women in our community what we can accomplish when women support other women, that is so important to me.”

Not expecting to even be selected for the contest, Knight decided to enter after some girls on Facebook gave her the information for the competition.

“I started off not even expecting to be selected as an entrant,” Knight stated. “I just did it for fun because I have a few girls who follow me on Facebook who sent me the information about the contest, and I thought I’m not going to do that I’m not even that covered in tattoos, why would I do that? So just for the fun of it I was like whatever, I’ll shut them up and submit a picture so then I got an email back saying congratulations you’ve been selected to compete, and I was like oh my god! So I went on Facebook and told everybody okay well you wanted me to enter this silly tattoo contest so here I am doing it.”

Knight, a mother of four, runs a home based business which she’s ran on social media now for five years and moved to Picton for a fresh start.

“I do a home based business I’ve ran on social media now for five years,” Knight told The Gazette. “I’ve ran my business which I sell make-up and skincare, I’m basically more of an online influencer and I have just branded myself as a mom and a crazy business lady and I’m very inspiring to a lot of women. I went through a really bad breakup after 15 years and I was very open about everything that had happened and what we had went through with it and I’ve changed a lot of women’s lives with just sharing my story and what I’ve been through.”

With 2021 nearly half over, Knight has already decided she will re-enter the competition in 2022.

“I plan to build up my online community even more and re enter next year for sure. It was such an incredible experience.”

To follow Knight on Facebook please visit https://www.facebook.com/charlene.knight.31

For more information on the Inked Magazine cover girl contest please visit https://cover.inkedmag.com