LETTER: Millennium Trail designated to be enjoyed by all users

I have lived on Talbot street since 1971.

The other day a friend of mine was riding their snowmobile on the Millennium Trail and met a pair of people cross country skiing.

Of course my friend slowed down which is just the natural thing to do. But the big shock was when one person took their ski and pushed it right through the front of my friend’s machine.

They then roared that snowmobiles were not allowed on this trail as it is for walking people only.

No matter what time of year, I have seen people walking this trail. plus riding their bikes, even dirt bikes, four wheeler. This could have ended pretty badly if the ski had hit my friend or a gas line inside the matching.

To my way of thinking this trail is wide enough for all kinds of people to share and still have a safe distance for doing whatever they enjoy on this trail.

My friend is shocked that someone would be so rude as to do this damage. Especially to someone who was only out enjoying the trail.We are all under stress, but this was uncalled for. Of course my friend did not want to cause a scene, but the cost to repair, is expensive. Thanks to someone who felt they could vent their anger on a machine.

Put the shoe on the other foot-what would the other person have done if that was done to them?

We are all trying to do the best we can in this stressful time.

Kathy Baker