LETTER: Family Health Team to be praised for quick response

Kudos to the Prince Edward Family Health Team!

Last week, I had strong indications of COVID symptoms and attempted to contact our family doctor for advice. The office was closed so my wife contacted the COVID-19 hot line and early Wednesday morning we got a call and after a short consultation, an appointment was confirmed for the COVID test later that morning at the Prince Edward Community Centre.

The members of The Prince Edward Family Health Team at the arena were exceptionally well organized and efficient and the whole event took less than 40 minutes.  The Family Health Team was advised later that day that vaccination would be available on Fri. in Belleville, for those 80 years of age and over.

The Health Team spent all day Thursday contacting eligible elders and, as my test results received on Thursday showed Negative, my wife and I  were booked for a 3:15 pm appointment at the vaccination site set up  at Loyalist College. We were advised upon arrival at Loyalist that things were running about an hour late.

Turns out that three minutes had been allocated to process a candidate and what with older folks moving a tad slower, the occasional ‘ fender bender ‘ due to the number of folks with walkers queueing for the one available handicap washroom, a substantial backlog soon ensued. The marshallers and security people did a great job in keeping things moving and the ten very stressed, but still friendly and efficient nurses giving the injections were wonderful.

We left Loyalist at 5:15, very happy and thankful to have received the vaccination along with over 1,000 others on Friday.

Our sincerest thanks to The Prince Edward Family Health Team for doing such a wonderful job.

David & Lynn Edward