LETTER: Lack of full cafeteria disappoints PEI resident

I am very disappointed to learn that no cafeteria will be part of the new Picton Hospital.

A proper Food Services Department and Cafeteria would not only create numerous desperately needed jobs in Prince Edward County, it would also be beneficial for all Picton Hospital patients towards their recovery. As a former patient at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (QEH) in Charlottetown, PEI after undergoing surgery, I was delighted to learn that food services for patients, staff and visitors is prepared on-site in addition, the QEH has a sufficiently sized cafeteria.

If the goal with the “Back-the-Build” campaign is to provide superior healthcare services to the residents of Prince Edward County, then a Food Services Department with a sufficient cafeteria is an important part of the foundation to a successful healthcare facility.

Peter J. Collins

Charlottetown P.E.I.