LETTER:Scrapping of wpd wind turbines shameful

My family live in PEC and I spent three months with them this winter.

I knew that the White Pines wind project had been ceased. I knew that the turbines were being dismantled, and some sold to Quebec. While home, the absurdity of the whole situation became more and more apparent. I listened to large machines breaking up the concrete bases and saw dump truck after dump truck removing debris.

That project should never have been ceased.

An article in the Gazette in late February, stated that up until the summer of 2020, 140 million dollars had been spent in this project of dismantling. I presume that number is significantly higher by now.

Whatever one felt about the original project, the series of events that stopped the project, which then required those erected turbines to be taken down, some parts sold, and much of it scrapped is in my mind shameful.

Elizabeth Dacombe


Prince Edward Island