Stories from our past – March 25, 2021

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • The millinery openings Friday and Saturday threw open a world of lovely things for miladi who wishes to keep apace with Dame Fashion. And is there one women in a thousand who does not? The “openings” were held at the G. E. Fraser Sons’ store and at Miss Doherty’s, last week.
  • Dr. J. Sterling, who leaves today to spend the next six months on his land at Kerr Robert, Sask., intends during the coming summer building an hospital at the new C. P. R. town Kerr Robert, where he is a large property owner. 
  • The members of the Kensington Lodge of the Sons of England Benefit Society held a smoking concert in the I. O. F. hall, Monday evening. A few friends attended and helped with the program.


  • At Picton Rotary Club’s regular meeting on Tuesday at the Royal Hotel, Treasurer John Arnaud reported that contributions to date to support the club-sponsored Easter seals campaign have totalled $485.
  • Capacity crowds enjoyed “Variety Night” presented by the students of Picton Collegiate, Thursday and Friday nights. For the third successive year, an enjoyable program was presented.
  • Honor of bagging the first muskrat this season fell to Constable Percy Hicks. The season opened at midnight Monday. Half an hour after that, Mr. Hicks was driving down Main St. when he saw a muskrat cross the road.


  • A familiar face to many farmers in the County is that of Bill Olan, Assistant Agricultural Representative at the Department of Agriculture and Food, Picton branch. Mr. Olan, who is 25 years old and married, comes from Hillbrook which is in Durham County.
  • The “Old Rose House” which housed the Marysburgh Museum has been purchased by the Township of North Marysburgh and will henceforth be known as the North Marysburgh Museum. When the Museum was started in 1962 it was a joint effort with South Marysburgh.
  • Snow banks are rapidly disappearing with mild weather and high winds. Yesterday, bare places in fields, covered with three feet of snow a week ago, were visible.


  • The OMHA playdowns trail grows shorter each week as the McGinnis Bantams continue to roll over their Provincial rivals in the quest for the All-Ontario Bantam “B” title.
  • Saturday was a special day for sweet-toothed Beavers for the 3rd Picton Colony who got a close-up look at the sap to stove production of maple syrup in Prince Edward County. Sixteen members of the scouting movement’s younger set, accompanied by leaders Jean Algar, Florence Morgan and Barbara Rogers, were ready and raring to go.
  • Prince Edward County will pay $66,264 as its share of the Hastings-Prince Edward Health Unit budget this year. The figure is $8,233 more than last year. The total operating costs of the health unit in 1981 will be $983,033, of which the member municipalities will pay $378,001. This is an increase of 10.81 per cent over 1980.