LETTER: Ticketing park visitors on County Rd. 12 a new low

The County of Prince Edward has sunk to a new low when it comes to visitors.

On Sunday March 20, I and a number of other people, including many folks from outside the County, visited Sandbanks Provincial Park to enjoy a glorious, warm and sunny Spring day. The Park parking lot is still closed so people were forced to park on the side of County Road 12 even though it is a No Parking area.

The cars presented absolutely no problem as there is little traffic and the road wasn’t blocked.

Yet the County sent out a Parking Enforcement Officer to ticket everyone. The people of Ontario have been in full or partial lockdown for the last twelve months but that doesn’t matter to the County. In addition to the resulting deaths and illness caused by COVID-19, a serious increase in metal health problems has been recorded.

Many health experts recommend outside exercise – such as walking in Sandbanks Provincial Park. So, what is the County’s response? We must punish anyone who has the temerity to park illegally! At the same time the County is providing free parking on Main St., Picton – what a contrast!  I wonder if any of these people will be eager to return to the County.

How many of their friends and relatives will be told about the welcome likely to be received here?

Is this how the municipality promotes the County or is the council actively trying to reduce the number of visitors when they should be promoting them especially in the shoulder seasons?

John Blake

Cherry Valley