LETTER: Diners take over provincial park parking lot in the summer

In response to the article Parking motion could cripple Lake-on-the-Mountain business, The Picton Gazette, April 1 2021 about Ryan Kreutzwiser speaking out against the motion to restrict parking along County Rd 7.

Maybe the family should have thought about parking when they bought the resort, when they opened The Inn and especially when they opened the Miller House. Their customers have taken over the provincial park parking lot each summer with restaurants full and only a dozen people in the park, you know who owns most of the cars.

Also keep in mind that this is a provincially owned park which the county has no say over and the lot is for park visitors only. Lowering the speed limit again will not solve this problem. When North Marysburgh elementary school was open the speed limit was 60 kmh, then we had someone move in with a radar gun and complain and the limit was lowered to 50 kmh and the community safety zone installed, but that hasn’t really changed anything safety wise.

The safety concern is all the cars parking on both sides of the street and the cars parked nose in the fence or angle parking on the road allowance.

My opinion is that the no parking ban should be the full length of the community safety zone because all these parked cars are creating a hazard and danger to drivers, cyclists and Pedestrians. This includes the problems and stress that this causes the residents of County Road 7 from the lake to Prinyers Cove having to suffer through this vehicular problem from May to September.

Maybe the owners should have purchased property to use for parking, expand the parking lot at the brewery and run a shuttle service with their golf carts or not have expanded the business so much and rely on the province and the county to supply their customer parking. Council should do what is best and safe for the county residents and not what is best for one company.

Dean Eastbury

County Rd. 7

North Marysburgh