QHC’s Daub confident in hospital’s ability to withstand third wave

Stacey Daub took over the position of President and CEO for Quinte Health Care in early January. (Submitted Photo)



In a statement released Monday, Quinte Health Care President and CEO Stacey Daub told staff members, physicians and the community that the organization has been preparing and readying itself for the third wave of COVID-19.

Daub said in anticipation of the very sobering COVID projections released by government, QHC has been accelerating its planning and preparations for the unprecedented pressures that Ontario and its hospitals will face in the months ahead.

“I know the recent news about the third wave was extremely disappointing and that the new projections and public health measures will impact people, families and businesses across our communities in many different ways.   I also know that many of our community members have been personally touched by the impact of COVID and our hearts and support go out to you.  I am committed to ensuring that we provide transparent and regular communication to our staff, our physicians and our community,” Daub said.

Taking on the role of QHC’s top employee in early 2021, Daub stated she has determined in her short time with the organization that it employees staff, physicians and teams who are extremely passionate about supporting patients, one another and the community through whatever comes their way.

“Our overarching goal is to ensure we use compassion and kindness as our guiding beacon to successfully ride this final wave,” she added.

In the past two weeks, QHC has administered care to nearly 60 COVID patients in local emergency rooms and, like everyone else, the President and CEO is hopeful the age of this coronavirus is coming to its end.

We are hopeful that this is the final wave of this pandemic and recovery is close. For now, though, we know our communities and our counterparts across the province need our skills, leadership, and care more than ever,” said Daub. ” The QHC team has successfully faced adversity before and I am confident in the abilities of our team to continue to rise to the challenges ahead of us with incredible strength in our teamwork, clinical skill and compassion.  Over the last couple of weeks, our team has cared for 58 COVID patients through our emergency departments, ICU and inpatient units and we expect the numbers of people needing our support will continue to grow.”

Over the next six weeks, QHC has identified three goals as an organization: 1) Keep QHC teams safe and supported through compassion and teamwork; 2) Create capacity for all patients needing our care; 3) And support our patients, families and caregivers with compassionate care.

“We are asking the community to do its part to support our frontline teams by strictly adhering to the public health measures so we can reduce the local transmission of COVID-19.   Our teams have been deeply moved by the community support over the past year, and I’m asking that everyone continue being that source of inspiration and support to our frontline health care providers in the weeks ahead, ” she said. “We are in this together!”