Guernsey Thanks

We would like to thank everyone who helped in any way during Jim’s illness. Jim really enjoyed the “waves” to our front window and the phone chats from our family and friends. Jim was so fortunate for wonderful Healthcare, both in the Kingston Hospital and our very own Picton Hospital. All of the doctors, nursing staff and homecare givers were amazing. Thank you to all of our relatives and friends for males, phone calls, flowers and cards. We appreciate the many donations to the Picton Hospital and other charities. We thank you so much for comforting words and prayers for Jim and our family. A huge thank you to my (Gena’s) church the Salvation Army Community Church. We all miss Jim but he left us huge memories. Thank you and stay safe!
Gena Guernsey, Clint Robson, Chad (Jessica) Robson, Cindy Guernsey, David and Susan Clarke, Warren and Pam McCann.