Stories from our past – April 29, 2021

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Picton has a new trunk factory. A trunk manufactory will set up business in the former plant of the Cleveland Seed Company, and operations are expected to be started within two weeks. The building is now being got ready for its new business. The new industry is capitalized at $40,000. It will be known as the Martin Trunk Company.
  • The boats have started out of Picton for 1911. The first to leave the harbor was the yacht Madge, carrying mail to Deseronto. She started Wednesday night. The S. S. Lloyd Porter with tow barges Rob Roy and Isabel Reed left Thursday.
  • There is just a chance that a slice if fifteen millions will come to Prince Edward men. T. G. Wright, president of the Agricultural Society, and Wm. McStevens, Picton are thought to be heirs now being sought to succeed to a rich estate of $15,000,000.


  • Members of the Picton senior baseball club of 1950 were guests of honor at a banquet which also served as a rally for fans interested in the 1951 team which represents Prince Edward County in the Central Ontario Baseball League. Nearly 70 players and fans enjoyed the event at the Royal Hotel, Wednesday night.
  • On Friday at their regular general meeting, Branch 78 of the Canadian Legion will have as a guest speaker, Mr. C. Lowe of the Legion Service Bureaux for the Province of Ontario. Mr. C. Lowe will give the Veterans a brief talk on the Services that his Department carries out for the Veterans.
  • “Achievement Night” was held Wednesday in the corridor of Mary Street School, as a denouement to the series of Hobby Classes, sponsored by the Picton Home and School Association, which have met each Saturday afternoon from two to three o’clock.


  • Mayor Margaret Ackerman said Monday that a set of plans has been compiled for a proposed addition to the present fire hall building to provide the town with lockup facilities. She said the plans were reviewed by the town’s public works committee last week, and will probably be presented to all members of council for consideration.
  • Do you recall in the Arabian Nights tale of Aladdin’s magic lamp, there is a genie who picks up a palace and flies it through the air to a new location. The idea of a flying place sounds extremely fanciful, but it really isn’t far from the truth. It’s about the closest comparison to be made to the new “jumbo jets”, the Boeing 747s Air Canada will put into service this month.
  • Picton Town Council would like a bit more opinion from town merchants and the Chamber of Commerce before tampering with store closing hours, but it was established last week that council has the authority to repeal most bylaws with or without petitions.


  • Tourism is the largest, fastest growing business in the world. It brings dollars in taxes, but takes nothing away but pleasant memories. It is an industry with no smokestacks and no lunch buckets. The members of the Quinte’s Isle Tourist Association were given a pep talk that sent them away happy from the annual dinner at the Inn.
  • Ontario Attorney General Roy McMurtry and municipal representatives from throughout the region may soon be meeting in Picton to discuss the touchy issue of police wage settlements. Picton Mayor Don King made the announcement at a meeting of council Monday night. 
  • The Picton Public Utilities Commission has requested town council seek Ontario Hydro approval for financing of a new $230,000 substation planned for the PUC’s Lake Street site. The request, contained in a letter delivered to the town, was raised at a meeting of council Monday night.