New thresholds for dental, drug programs

On Tuesday the government of Ontario announced that The Ontario government is updating the income eligibility thresholds for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program and the Seniors Co-Payment Program to allow more of Ontario’s most vulnerable seniors to have access to dental care and affordable prescription medications.

In 2019, the Ontario government launched the Ontario Seniors Dental Care program to provide free routine dental care for eligible low-income seniors across the province. The Seniors Co-Payment Program enables low-income seniors to access the medication they need with no annual deductible and a reduced co-payment for each prescription. Starting August 1st, 2021, eligibility thresholds for both programs will be updated to reflect cost of living increases in Ontario and align with income support programs for seniors.

Income thresholds will be updated for single Ontarians aged 65 and over, from $19,300 to $22,200, and for couples with a combined annual income, from $32,300 to $37,100. For the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program, eligible seniors can apply at any time online, downloading and printing the application form. Search Google for Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program and download the application form. The form can be submitted online or by mail. For the application to be assessed under the new income thresholds, seniors who are eligible under the new income thresholds for the Ontario Seniors Dental Care Program can apply beginning July 1st, 2021.

For the Seniors Co-Payment Program, seniors who are eligible under the new income thresholds can apply now by completing the application that can be found online (search the name of the program in Google) or request an application over the phone toll free at 1-888-405-0405 or 416-503-4586. Community Care staff can assist seniors with the application form. Call 613-476-7493 for help. Income Tax forms for 2020 and for previous years, too are still being completed by Community Care. This is a free program. To see if you’re eligible for this service please call 613-476-7493.

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-Debbie MacDonald Moynes