LETTER: COVID-19 Vaccine roll out leaving some in ill humour

The vaccine rollout in Ontario has been a complete joke.

I live in Picton and have been trying to get a vaccine in my area since I was eligible but with no success. I am 56, work outside the home at a shelter and helped an elderly neighbour and still have not been able to get a vaccine.

I have been on waiting lists at pharmacies, and searched the web daily with no appointments available.

I’ve have waited at vaccine locations hoping for left over vaccines and turned away because they had no extra. My only option is to go to Toronto and get one there. It makes no sense.

The level of stress and frustration this pandemic has caused myself and my family is unmeasurable. We have followed all rules and waited patiently but our rural area has been forgotten in this situation even though we have people from hotspots coming here as tourists daily. They now offer second doses when many have not received their first.

I am so disappointed in the Ontario and Federal government on the handling of this entire pandemic situation, especially the vaccine rollout.

What a complete mess.

Ingrid Pierson