LETTER: Investigation into Forester Island warranted

Dear Editor,

White police officer Derek Chauvin was recently convicted of three counts of slowly murdering innocent black artist George Floyd, in a nightmarish public spectacle of white supremacy on the streets of Minneapolis, despite a chorus of pleas for mercy from righteous bystanders.

CNN reports this act of official depravity against visible minorities is re-enacted daily in an America that has grown into a racial hell, as white Supremacists continue to terrorize and prey on the very populations they were sworn to “serve and protect”.  Since we’re all built the same way, there’s probably a Supremacist in each of us waiting to emerge under the right conditions.

Chauvin’s merciless act of racial supremacy was brought to Canada last June by the Black Lives Matter Movement and laid before Picton’s shrine to British Christian supremacy represented by a bizarre caricature of a feisty young Macdonald.  At the end of his career, Macdonald was rewarded with a knighthood from the masterminds of the British Empire, the predatory British Lions, who honoured his service to them, as he betrayed his Canadian countrymen repeatedly.

Students of colonialism recognize the British Lions as the historic source of racial hatred in the former British Empire.  Long ago, English elites learned from their Roman masters how to elevate themselves to the status of gods [Lords] with toxic serf laws that: impoverished, downgraded, and enslaved their own English populations. In time, many English commoners were legally reduced to  human “waste”, and exported to a miserable life in the colonies. There, they supported colonial terrorism which is defined as: “the use of violence and threats of violence to gain political control over indigenous people and their land wealth.” This criminal process was used by French and British Christians to produce genocidal land theft, followed by enslavement of any indigenous survivors, a process that destroyed millions of indigenous lives.

When the Black Lives Matter Movement brought the message of systemic racial hatred to Picton, it was delivered by about a thousand ethical Canadians who had transcended their colonial cultural conditioning. These Canadians brought the light of truth to drive out colonial darkness, and expose the racial hatred and crimes against humanity concealed in a smirking statue that represents the success of British Supremacy over indigenous nations.

A few days ago, the BLM people returned to the Macdonald shrine on Picton’s Main Street to lay at its feet, the long hidden evidence of native child abuse by Christian Supremacists in Kamloops. Macdonald’s history of religious terrorism in BC reveals his obsessive and violent efforts to destroy the spiritual beliefs of those first nations in order to dominate them and their valuable lands with Constantine’s Christianity of Conquest. As hundreds of hidden child graves are opened, it will compel more investigations into hidden crimes, committed and protected by Supremacists in the rest of Canada, including this County.

Locally, there’s potential evidence of child abuse and trafficking on Forester Island [Captain John’s Island], in the Bay of Quinte, where from  1904-1907, the IOF financed an unusual orphanage. Since PEC has a claim to the island, I asked Mayor Ferguson to launch an investigation into the orphanage that would include ground surveys for hidden gravesites. Mayor Ferguson’s official response was typically Supremacist as he dismissed my call to justice by burying it in Supremacist silence.

The Supremacist coup of November 17th in Shire Hall has crippled, but not destroyed the County’s chances from emerging from toxic colonial Supremacy.

When we finally elect an ethical council, we will rise onto the ethical path that must replace our historic criminality?

Steve Staniek