Over 100 CRA filings completed in 2021

Community Care volunteers just completed our 40th season of completing income tax returns for seniors who live in Prince Edward County.

Seniors are eligible if they meet the CRA eligibility of a single income of $35,000 or lower or whose household income of $45,000 or lower.  We also ask that people be 60+ years of age because that’s the client group for our agency.  Prince Edward Community Care has been involved in the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) “Community Volunteer Income Tax Program” for all of the 40 years we’ve been providing this service to the community.

Community Care volunteers receive training by CRA to complete Income Tax Returns for eligible clients. Volunteers do not complete income tax and benefit returns for: deceased persons, bankrupt individuals; for those with more than $1000 of investment income; for individuals with capital gains/losses; or for people with business or rental income and expenses.

This is a free service for seniors. Home visits can be arranged to pick up and drop off the tax papers of seniors who can’t get to the office.  While the tax season has ended, Community Care volunteers will complete Income Tax year round.

PEC Community Care is not now, and has never been, funded to provide this service.  It is provided as part of our overall offerings of practical services to help seniors live at home in the community.  Volunteers prepare Income Tax; staff make arrangements.  Staff assist seniors with OESP and the dental program.  This year we have 8 active volunteers completing returns and they did 115 filings.  We have capacity to help lots more seniors so please keep this in mind for future. The Ontario Energy Support Program (OESP) provides help for people who struggle to pay their hydro bills.

Community Care staff will provide support to low-income seniors age 60 and over who meet the eligibility criteria.  Seniors 60+ are invited to contact the staff at Community Care to get answers to questions and help to submit the OESP application.  More information can be found at OntarioElectricitySupport.ca.  Also call the office for assistance with the new dental program for seniors. Low income singles and families can contact the Prince Edward Learning Centre at 613-476-1811 for assistance with both the OESP and Income Tax preparation.

For more information call Community Care at 613-476-7493 or www.communitycareforseniors.org

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes