LETTER: Hypocritical not to reconsider Picton’s name

Regarding your July 1 commentary “Subduing celebrations only way to respect those who have been wronged

Congratulations to our County Council for cancelling Canada Day celebrations to expiate our guilty feelings in treatment of First Nations Peoples.  Thus The Picton Gazette clearly illustrates the tremendous hypocrisy that exists in our county. Of course everyone disagrees with how Canadians through their governments have treated First Nations Peoples, or Asians, Italians, Germans, others.

If the name “Berlin” for a town can be changed to “Kitchener” to become politically correct, then certainly our governing council should learn by that example, or does this happen only when convenient?

Sir John A. MacDonald made grievous mistakes in addition to positive actions in creating our Canada.  We must learn from these mistakes so as never to repeat them.

As your editorial in the July 1 Gazette states: “. ignorance is a rather pitiful excuse for not knowing the whole story .” After clapping each other on the back for the councillors’ decision to warehouse the art piece “Holding Court”, we should not stop.  It is hypocritical to denounce poor treatment of First Nations Peoples while at the same time denigrating Caribbean People.  If “Black lives really do Matter”, we should not celebrate mistreatment of Caribbeans by allowing our County town to celebrate Sir Thomas Picton through adopting and celebrating his name.

As the Gazette states: “… ignorance is a rather pitiful excuse for not knowing the whole story … “.  Let us act appropriately after learning that whole story.  There are First Nations that do not have clean water supplies or proper medical resources.  After the glad-handing and congratulations, what are we going to do to help First Nations Peoples and Blacks if they really do matter?  Let us learn from previous mistakes.

Picton was a brutal slaver who as governor of Trinidad earned the sobriquet “the Tyrant of Trinidad” for his mistreatment and torture of Black People.  It would appear that his torture of a 14-year old Free Black woman in suspending her by rope from a prison ceiling and then incarcerating her for eight months led to a conviction with penitentiary term at the conclusion of trial in England.

Today Wales government is removing all references to their disgraceful native son by erasing his name from public places and warehousing statues of Picton after they have endeavored to know his whole story.

It would appear Wales council has decided

J. Mike Bondy Wellington