PARKS, Ross Taylor

Ross Taylor Parks, born January 19, 1921, passed away at his much loved farm home at R.R. # 2, Bloomfield, Ontario on Tuesday, May 18th, 2021. His dear wife Eleanor (Foster) predeceased him 30 years ago. His five children, their spouses and thirteen grandchildren plus great grands all helped him to remain the very independent person he was, especially in the past few years. One hundred years! What a wonderful life he created for his wife and family. His encouraging “always do your best” echoes often through our days. Whether he was raising cows, kids or corn, planting his gardens, baking his $1000.00 dollar pies for the Cattlemen’s Banquet or a favourite chocolate cake for his grandchildren, he always did his best. His 13 grands listened carefully to his wise counsel and tried to do their best too! We all marvelled at his strength, his capacity to love each one of us, his work ethic, his stubbornness, and his thirst for new ideas, new gadgets, and new cars! Our dad accomplished much over his lifetime of 100 years. Even at eight years old he knew he wanted to farm. Life behind a horse and single plough was good – going to school was not! And farming was his life’s passion. He did his best to create a prize winning herd of purebred Holsteins, known throughout the County, the province and beyond. His cows claimed the interest of farmers in the USA, the UK, and even Cuba. Many tales could be told of his cow buying days, his cow showing days including the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto, and his cow- producing records of excellent distinction. Cow buyers were often at his barn and at our dinner table and sometimes even asleep on the couch as we came down for breakfast! In his younger years, he loved to play hockey. He and his brother Gord (goalie) were quite the pair on the ice. Once after changing ends, Ross scored a quick goal, unfortunately Uncle Gordie was in the net. They always did their best! Dad loved music, reading, golfing, gardening, arguing/debating, chocolate and cars. Yes, he also loved his family! He attributed his long life to butter, sugar, cream and hard work. Our dad had a wonderful laugh and a great smile. He loved to help others do their best and offered his advice, his finances and his encouraging helping hand to many in need. Any success he achieved, he believed was due to the fact that he had good parents with a good name in the community. Our family also was blessed with the same. This his legacy will continue with, his very dear to him – grands and great grands. All he ever needed to hear was that we all had done our best. Remembered, highly esteemed and oh so loved!