Letter: Big Island sign thief should still slow down

To protect my grandchildren and pets I placed a two Please Slow Down signs on my grass on North Big Island Road that I received from the CAA. I had to order the signs from the CAA and waited many months for the signs to become available, then had to drive into Belleville to pick up the signs. These were very nice signs the CAA provides free to all that are concerned with vehicles speeding around there neighbourhood.

Some person(s) decided they needed my signs to protect their loved ones. Hopefully they are now protected. Or perhaps you don’t like to be told to slow down around children and pets?

I hope you know that my loved ones are less protected because of your actions. Do you make it a habit of stealing items off people’s lawns and are you the person who stole my little grand daughters bicycle off my lawn last year? Hopefully if you drive by my place you will remember to PLEASE SLOW DOWN as it said that on the signs that I don’t have anymore.

Pete Brissenden