LETTER: Reader disturbed by potential loss of LOTM Inn

Dear Councillors,

As a resident of South Marysburgh, I am very disturbed by the thought of losing these two wonderful, long established County resources.
When we were looking for County property, we stayed at the lovely  Mountain Inn, and it felt like home. The atmosphere was gracious, welcoming and cozy. The location, spectacular.
The food was delicious, like home cooked.
Since moving to Smith Bay, we have had many visitors both family and friends, who come for respite from the city and love what the County has to offer. Trying to be good guides, we have introduced them to all our County favourites. Miller House and the Mountain Inn are at the top of all of our visitors’ lists of great PEC venues and they return regularly to revisit them!
 They particularly enjoy the history and location of both of these businesses and have even taken picnics there to enjoy. The view, hospitality and casual or fine dining opportunities and affordability are unique in all of PEC.
As for parking, as word has gotten out, these venues have been increasingly popular. This can make parking difficult and often in summer, people have to wait for patio tables.
However, we and our guests know to be careful in such situations and we have never, in all our visits witnessed any accidents on the road.
And we continue to patronize these wonderful resources.
Perhaps, there could be signage warning that drivers park on the road at their own risk or must watch out for children or dogs or 10 mile an hour speed limit on this section of County roadway? But exorbitant fines that cause these great businesses to close is not a solution for these residents and their devoted patrons.
Surely Councillors can find a solution  to this dilemma!
Jill Kimmel
South Marysburgh