LETTER: Safety remains paramount in LOTM issue

A short time back Danielle Chretien appeared on a local newscast and made a passionate plea to lift new parking rules around the resort her family owns, The Inn & Lake on the Mountain Resort.

Missing in her plea were the multiple reasons for the parking regulations and the fact that the $400 fine for illegal parking is part of the County’s strategy to control unrestricted parking across our region.

Many people have pointed to the fact that no serious injuries have resulted from the previous parking regulations at The Inn & Lake on the Mountain Resort. The old regulation was the reason for the high risk of accidents sign going into the hamlet. Speed of vehicles is not the issue. The major risk is people darting out between parked cars, distracted drivers pulling or jockeying for parking, blocked roadway, etc…. Safety for all is paramount.

Built up districts in our various communities were never designed for the volume of people and traffic we are experiencing.

The County does not guarantee parking for business. It provides parking for residents and visitors. The County should not have to pay for maintaining parking for a few businesses strictly for these businesses.

The threat of closure on the part of the owners of The Inn & Lake on the Mountain Resort is a dangerous gambit because if it fails it will have consequences on the value of the property. In fact this action is putting into jeopardy the livelihood of many people according to the present owner. Perhaps the owners are correct in backing away from their business. Another operator may be able to adapt as others have done in similar situations.

As usual this is about money. In this case money needs to be spent for ensuring safety of all concerned and the quality of use for all road users. Who should pay for this? The County or the business owner? And what about the issue of tempering out of control tourism experienced in past years?

Eric De Pauw

South Marysburgh