LETTER: O’Toole should recognize ‘overtourism’ issue

I was incredulous after reading the article about Erin O’Toole’s campaign stop in Belleville where he unveiled a tourism strategy designed to encourage more visits to “gems” like PEC.

Are the Conservatives trying to lose votes?!

Had his speech writers taken even a few minutes to research the state of tourism in PEC they might have found that tourism to Prince Edward County has exploded to such a degree the seams are bursting beyond the capacity of this region to absorb one more tourist! It simply reinforces that no matter what political stripe runs down one’s back, it is a universal adage to just throw money at the electorate during campaigns in hopes that something might stick.

How about learning just a little about the places you visit before doling out campaign promises ignorant of the voters you hope to capture?

Hilary Arthur Amolins