Ontario making it easier to renew documents

Digital reminders will make it more convenient to renew licence plate stickers, driver’s licences and health cards.

The Ontario government is making it easier to renew important documents by introducing the option for people to receive digital reminders – including email, text or voicemail – to renew their licence plate stickers, driver’s licences and health cards. The new service will allow Ontarians the option to receive digital reminders 30 and 60 days in advance of their renewal date. This is considered to be a faster and more user-friendly option that will help people stay on top of the renewal dates for their driver’s licences, licence plate stickers and health cards. No more waiting in line. For those Ontarians who must complete their transactions in person, ServiceOntario has introduced online appointment booking for many of its busiest Service Ontario locations to ensure people aren’t waiting unnecessarily in lines.

Once they receive digital reminders, Ontarians can renew their documents through www.ServiceOntario.ca where over 40 transaction services are available online, 24/7. To sign up for these reminders www.Ontario.ca/Reminders . Facebook & Window Auction- Community Care’s Thrift Shop is conducting a Facebook Auction of some great items. You can view what’s up for action by looking at the window display at the Thrift Shop, 153 Main Street in Picton or on our Facebook page. Don’t miss out. The auction closes on Friday, August 27th. FREE Rides to Vaccination Clinics for seniors 60+ – Community Care offers free rides for seniors 60+ to vaccination appointments. All pandemic protocols are in place. The volunteer waits with the client while they are in the clinic. 2021 Seniors Active Living Fair is virtual- Community Care has announced that the 2021 Seniors Active Living Fair is a virtual event taking place online using Zoom Webinars.

The event will run for the months of September, October, and November and all seniors 60+ are welcome to attend. Local businesses and organizations will be presenting 1 hour Zoom Webinars every Tuesday and Wednesday from 1-2pm. All participants will get a free “Swag Bag” from Community Care and the presenters. “Door Prizes” will be drawn at the webinars. A schedule of presentations will be on the website soon. www.communitycareforseniors.org . Seniors – your groceries and medicines can be delivered to you for free. Community Care offers free pick up & delivery of groceries, medicines, library books and other essentials.

To make arrangements call Community Care at 613-476-7493.

-Debbie MacDonald Moynes