LETTER: Restaurant hospitality sorely lacking in PEC

I wonder if Picton and the rest of Prince Edward county are coping better than they were just after some of the lockdown rules were lifted.

On a visit in July we discovered the restaurants in particular seemed unable to cope and though it is reportedly an industry wide problem, Prince Edward County stood out for bad attitude. Staff in one waterfront Picton restaurant allowed three dogs to roam round while ignoring us. I hope the dogs paid for the good service. We left without ordering.

No dogs were involved in other scenarios but we did leave one other restaurant in Belleville after being pointedly ignored by the waitress who was busy telling other customers about her problems particularly with people parking at the end of her driveway.

Also in Belleville we were politely (for a change) discouraged on two separate occasions at the same pizza chain restaurant because there were only two of us and they had big tables to serve so there would be no table for 25 minutes. We said we would wait and miraculously a table and wait staff became available immediately. The food was indifferent to awful on both occasions.

An attempt to get service in an upscale Italian establishment, once more in Belleville was politely but very firmly refused, again because they had big tables to serve. We were not even allowed past the door.

The best I can say about this situation is that if you are only a couple of people looking for a place to eat in Prince Edward County, try the wineries. We had great service and great food. Currently, the restaurants are not interested in small numbers of people. Two previous visits to Prince Edward County were thoroughly enjoyable. Maybe the hospitality can be restored.

Yours truly

Pat Stocker