LETTER: Sad when letter of the law takes precedence over spirit

As a long-time resident of the county, I was surprised to hear of the August 4th visit by bylaw officers to Mark’s Barber Shop in Picton, in response to a complaint by a concerned citizen.

The visit promptly brought to an end a modest music performance on Main Street by a few local musicians. Such impromptu sessions at the shop had, for long-time standing, become the order of the day on Friday afternoons, invariably to the delight of local customers and tourists alike as they watched and enjoyed what is otherwise a mundane experience – a haircut.

That this particular session was about to be filmed as part of a planned CTV segment intended to highlight the growing popularity of the county unfortunately did nothing to deter the officers, despite requests of passers-by and the film crew. It’s unfortunate when the strict letter of the law takes precedence over its spirit.

Further to other recent incidents, perhaps the town of Picton might consider changing its official motto ‘Ex duobus unum’ [From two one] to ‘Music hath charms to soothe the savage breast’. Lately it seems to be favouring the moniker ‘Urbs sine sensu communi’ [The Town lacking common sense].

Dr. Richard Sokoloski