LETTER: Apology appreciated but work still to be done

Finally; Finally;FINALLY!!!

We have on the municipal staff one member with the ethics to realize that he and his contemporaries have screwed up and something must be done to rectify it. So he called Friday morning to make amends. I was there in Mark’s Barbershop on West Main St., in Picton on Friday AM when the call came in.

Mark took it just as I climbed into the chair. Mark put the phone on speakerphone and we could all listen in. The speaker identified himself right away and explained the purpose of his call. At its conclusion, the caller identified himself again and Mark requested his first name which was duly given. Mark thanked him for the call which was then  terminated, Mark turned to us  and said: That was an apology!

From the Municipal staff.

For the mess their bylaw personnel made on Wed 4 Aug 21 of a filming by CTV  when they closed down the filming, rudely and made the participants  pack it in.

The municipality must be striving to get itself in order notwithstanding that it has a lot of work to be done. Perhaps this small spark of common sense will spread to the council, even the Mayor and his staff.We need all the help, support, and assistance we can get.

Just as long as it doesn’t come in the form of a consultant’s report.

Ian D. Inrig