LETTER: Numbers don’t lie when it comes to COVID

Gary Mooney has either accidentally or deliberately tried to mislead Gazette readers about Hasting-Prince Edward Covid-19 statistics (Public Health’s COVID stats misleading, August 26, 2021).

It is the case that 11 of 34 new cases in the first three weeks of August were in people who were partially or fully vaccinated, but this is among 123,843 people.

23 new cases were found in the 25,763 unvaccinated people. The unvaccinated were 10 times more likely to get Covid-19. Emerging research is also showing that vaccinated people are much less likely to end up in hospital, on ventilators, or regrettably die of the virus.

The message is clear – get vaccinated to protect your kids, family, friends and neighbours.

Barry Pinsky

Huycks Point