Pop-up event offers brief glimpse of what’s in store for 2021 Studio Tour

ARTISTS WORK Around half of the artists taking part in the PEC Studio Tour 2021 offered a view of their trappings at a pop-up event at The Waring House last month. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)




An early fall main stay that serves as a celebration of the Prince Edward County arts scene is returning in 2021.

The Prince Edward County Studio Tour is returning after COVID-19 dashed hopes for an edition in 2020.

Recently, organizers of this year’s Studio Tour held a pop-up event at the Waring House in Picton with around half the artists  and their work that will be showcased later this month during the three day tour.

Guests were invited to browse the works in Waring Hall and then, with a glass of wine in hand, head outside and bask in the sunlight where one could socialize at a distance with masks off.

“It feels great to be able to have my art displayed for an in-person event,” said Dayna Law, participant in the Studio Tour. “It was tough during the pandemic because everything was virtual. It’s not the same when you see art online, all the applications are still online but even the show openings are still up in the air, if there is a fourth wave we won’t be able to have openings. But artists are hanging their art and its encouraging.”

Dayna Law Studio and Fine Art Gallery is in the heart of Wellington at 358 Main Street. The acrylic and mixed media painter is inspired by the outside world and then “creates vibrant, graphic and bold paintings which excite the senses and soothe the soul. ”

Founded by artist Peta Hall in 1993 the original PEC Studio Tour included only a handful of artists concentrated mainly in the Bloomfield area. Over the years, the Tour has spread its artistic wings to include artists in every corner of this creative community.

“It’s so exciting being a part of the Studio Tour,”  Colleen Manestar, first time Studio Tour participant told The Gazette. “It’s kinda weird because of COVID, it feels like a totally different kind of experience then I’m sure has ever happened before, because last year it didn’t happen at all. I was all geared up for last year and then that didn’t happen.”

Manestar Studios are located at 69 Jericho Road and the artist creates sculptures, embroidery and “all kinds of weird stuff.” The studio is set on an operational beef farm where hormone-free cattle are raised. 

“As an artist it’s always good to see people live and have people see your work live because I think the energy of the art work doesn’t really transmute through social media or through your website the same as it does at a live event,” expressed Heather Kerr, first time participant in the tour. “One thing a lot of my friends have been telling me all year is we are craving art, so it’s really nice to  share our art out in the world which is where it’s suppose to be. I am new to the county, I moved here March 2020. This is my first Studio Tour, I was suppose to be in the tour last year but we postponed for an extra year so it’s nice to see some stuff starting to show up.”

Kerr’s The George Russell Academy of Creative Expansion (GRACE) is located at 500 County Road 18 near Cherry Valley and will feature guest artists John Shea & Indra Dosanjh.

Since its inception the Tour has helped promote and support over 300 County artists. The Studio Tour 2021 will take place Sept. 24 – 26, 10 a.m. – 5 p.m..

For more information on the Studio Tour and to find a map of the tour, please visit https://pecstudiotour.com