Stories form our past – September 2, 2021

(Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)

Each week, the Gazette looks back on stories from the past. Here is what happened this week, by year…


  • Over 6,000 people were on the Fair grounds Thursday afternoon last to see the 59th show of the Prince Edward Agricultural Society. It was a perfect fall day, the clouds and rain of Wednesday being completely driven from the skies. The Society will go slightly in the hole, financially over the last year’s receipts.
  • To test her speed under new engine equipment, the Str. Geronia made a special trip to Kingston Saturday afternoon, and established satisfactory speed limit. She averaged 16 miles an hour on the run. About 50 invited guests took in the trip.
  • Meeting of the Town Council was held Monday night. Communications were received from The Municipal Journal asking subscriptions. Burton Collier, giving notice of intention to institute action against the town for alleged damage through his lalling into drain at the market. Council decided to defend this action.


  • On Friday afternoon last, the Picton Boy Scouts returned from Camp. “Sam-Pic” at Salmon Point lighthouse, where they have been under canvas for twelve days. The camp this year was again under the Rev. W. G. Hope Swayne, Scout Master of the 1st Picton Troop ably assisted by George Inrig, A.S.M. and Major James Bird in charge of Q.M.S.
  • A vein of lead and silver ore has been found almost on the border between Lennox and Addington and Frontenac counties, in the Godfrey area, the Napanee Express has learned on reliable authority. It may be extremely high grade ore.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvie of Michigan, conducted a Bible class for children in Mountain View Sunday school rooms for the second year. Many instructive hobbies were taught as well as the lovely Bible lessons we all enjoy even in older years. The last day of the class, the children all personally thanked Mr. and Mrs. Ogilvie for their teaching and patience to over 20 children.


  • Nevada Le Groix is a most unusual woman. Last week, she officially became the first female welfare administrator in Ontario, with the passing of a by-law by Prince Edward County Council. Mrs. Le Groix was present at the meeting to witness her own appointment.
  • Only a final appraisal by the Ontario Department of Energy and Resources management remains to be done before the Prince Edward Region Conservation Authority commences to develop its newest property, 60 acres on Massassaga  Point.
  • Donald  E. Parks has informed The Gazette that, commencing today, the business which he carries on at the corner of Main and Elizabeth Sts., will be known as Park Furniture and Appliances. The Parks name replaces the David name.


  • An attempt to resolve the touchy issue of Main Street taxi stands turned into a standoff between the town’s public works committee and local owners at a special meeting held Tuesday afternoon. Representatives from five firms were on hand to voice their objections to a plan which would shift the reserved parking zone from its present location in front of the Royal Hotel to a new spot off Main Street.
  • With the endorsement of the National Sponsors, a Terry Fox Run s being established at Picton to allow participation by all residents of Prince Edward County and surrounding communities.
  • Chief Petty Officer K.J. Whitney was awarded with a Base Commander’s Commendation recently from the Commander of Canadian Forces Base Shearwater, Colonel E.I. Patrick for “outstanding service to the military and civilian community.” Mr. Whitney is the son of John Whitney of Jane Street, Picton.