LETTER: Public Health updates press release

In Barry Pinsky’s letter in last week’s Gazette (Numbers don’t lie when it comes to COVID, The Picton Gazette Sept 2, 2021), it is evident that he misunderstood the intent of my letter referencing an August 11 media release by the Hastings-Prince Edward Public Health unit.

The release stated that COVID-19, cases among fully vaccinated people occur “very rarely”.

I had presented data that gave a recent picture of the ratio of fully vaccinated to total cases that disputed the “very rarely” comment.

Fortunately, HPEPH has agreed with my approach, and has updated their media release with information consistent with mine. So I’m now satisfied with their presentation.

Here is the link to the updated media release: https://tinyurl.com/HPEPHupdateSep2

Gary Mooney

Hillier Ward