Slowdown sign erected by residents on Ridley Street

SLOW DOWN Residents of Ridley Street in Rossmore (left) Mihaela Pal, Annaliese Bostock, (back right) Colleen Allchurch, Everest Horrocks, Austen Bostock and Maverick Horrocks stood with the 4x6 foot slowdown sign that Allchurch and her husband created for the street. (Desirée Decoste/Gazette staff)




Residents in a sleepy section of Rossmore are growing concerned about the safety of children and and pets as a certain segment of motorists are exceeding a set speed limit. Greatly.

For most people who live full-time on Ridley Street in the north County village, they drive the 50 km/h speed limit or less.

With only a handful of full-time residents on the street, including families with small children, it’s not hard to tell who and who is not obeying Highway Traffic Act legislation. Local resident Colleen Allchurch explained there are a number of AirBnB’s who have tourists who don’t know or follow the speed limit and, in addition to some carefree local residents, a serious motor vehicle collision appears imminent. 

“We’ve had racer here big time, especially in the last month,” Allchurch told The Gazette. “So many people on this street have the signs that say ‘Please slow down, thank you’. So my husband and I on the weekend made a 4 foot by 6 foot bulletin board that says ‘Please slow down, save a life or a pet’.  Some of the people on our street have signed it because we all agree the way some people drive is crazy here.  You take your life in your hands just to walk across the street and we own waterfront which we have to walk across the street to get to.”

Allchurch also spoke to the municipality about lowering the speed limit but said the long and arduous process to get results is a detractor.  

“People see my little slowdown sign and actually speed up every time. I think they try and see how fast they can make this corner and one of them lives here and has been stopped and asked to slow down. People down here just think they don’t have to abide by the rules, and there are several of the little slowdown signs on this street.”